I love interlinking stories and meta-mythos. I also love the Sims. Many of my stories take place on the world of Simterra floating along in the Daleth star system within the Milky Way Galaxy. However, not all stories take place on Simterra. This site is a home for all stories within the Alliance of Magic Series – a collection of stories featuring supernatural races, alien species, and fantastical elements set within my ever-evolving universe. 

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Everything has a cycle – birth, life, death. And we return and return again.

The first book in the Starlight Saga – Return to Stardew Valley – available on my allianceofmagic.blog. First chapters out now! And in case you missed the introductory post: When You Don’t Have a Title for Your Post But You Decide to Post Anyway… And Oh yeah! A New(ish) Story Coming… (LASL)

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